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What is Leasing?

If you crave that new car smell every few years, Leasing or Contract Hire (PCH is Personal Contract Hire) is well worth considering. You choose how long you want the car for (normally 2 or 3 years), how many miles you’ll drive, and what payment you can afford up-front.

Then browse our fixed monthly payments that suit your budget. Leasing is a rental agreement so you won’t be buying the car, you simply return it at the end of your contract and get a new one if you’d like. Super simple stuff.

Get in touch with us for help to personalise your quote and discuss the finance options available. Be quick though, as our current offers don't stay long and can change at any time. Also be sure you can afford the monthly payments - however great the deal.

Subject to status and conditions. Excess mileage charges apply.



Frequently asked questions


How does leasing work? 

Leasing or Contract Hire (PCH is Personal Contract Hire) can be a simple way to drive your brand new car in exchange for fixed monthly payments. It is effectively a long term rental - simply agree the contract length, mileage allowance, and initial payment, and the car can be delivered to your door! You won’t own the car, and at the end of the agreement you simply return it to the leasing company.

What is the difference between ‘Personal’ and ‘Business’ leasing?

Personal Contract Hire (PCH) is for private buyers and prices include VAT, whereas Business (BCH) prices exclude VAT and are only available to businesses.

Do I own the car?

No. Throughout the lease, the car remains the property of the finance provider. However, as the car’s primary user your name will appear on the registration document (V5C). When the lease ends, the car is returned to the provider.

What does ‘Initial payment’ mean?

The initial payment is the first month’s payment which is higher than usual and calculated as either 3, 6, or 9 times the regular monthly amount. Similar to a deposit, it’s the part of the hire contract that you pay up-front. It is usually payable shortly before delivery and is non-refundable. After this initial payment in month 1, you pay the regular monthly payment for the remainder of the contract.

What is the difference between ‘Dealer’ and ‘Online Broker’?

Nissan Leasing Direct is the leasing trading name JS Holmes Nissan. We are an appointed manufacturer approved main dealer, who have a showroom you can visit and cars to test drive. You can lease in person at our showroom, online, or over the phone.

Online brokers act as sales agents on behalf of big car leasing companies. They don’t have showrooms or cars to test drive, but you can do everything online or over the phone too. 

What we offer you here at Nissan Leasing Direct is the best of both worlds, the main dealer experience, or a complete online broker style purchase - which ever you feel most comfortable with. 

Is Leasing (PCH) the same as PCP?

With both PCP and PCH you pay an amount up-front, followed by fixed monthly payments. The main difference is at the end of the contract - with PCH you must hand the car back, but with PCP you have the option to pay a balloon payment and buy the car outright.

PCH is a lease in the truest sense of the word, whereas PCP offers ownership options. 

What happens if I exceed the mileage limit?

Most lease contracts have an ‘excess mileage charge’ if you are over the agreed mileage at the end of the contract. This is normally a ‘pence per mile’ charge which will be stated in the contract hire agreement up-front. Be sure to check this with us before signing.

What happens when my car lease agreement ends?

Before your term ends, you’ll be contacted by the leasing company to arrange a day to return the car. Its mileage and condition will be checked to make sure you haven’t covered too many miles and that it hasn’t been damaged beyond fair wear and tear. Providing you return the car in an undamaged condition and you haven’t exceeded the agreed mileage you shouldn’t be liable for any surprise charges.

Please check the terms and conditions of your lease for full details.

Is servicing included?

Servicing is not included in the prices, but you can easily add a servicing and maintance package on with our deal builder. - please check with us when you enquire.

Is insurance included?

Insurance is not included in the price. You should arrange car insurance as normal for your lease car, making sure to tell the insurance company that it is leased.

Can I part-exchange my current car?

Not directly, but we can buy your current car and settle any finance before using any spare funds towards the initial payment of a lease deal. We will happily give you a value for your current car and buy it from you.

What about road tax?

The cost of road tax is covered during your contract



If we have missed anything out or you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to answer your questions.